Moving a Site? 301 Redirect Keeps Ranking

A question that comes up often on various forums has to do with redesigning a website or moving it to a new host or a new platform entirely such as Wix. The primary concern is preserving the SEO [...]


Lose Your Addiction to Vanity Metrics

Studies continually show that small business owners largely limit their analysis of online data to so-called “vanity metrics” such as the number of Facebook friends or likes, or the number of [...]


‘404’ Errors will hurt your rankings

As an SEO consultant, I’m frequently asked, “What steps can I take to improve the ranking of my website on Google?” There are more than 200 “signals” that Google analyzes in its algorithm, and [...]


Crucial for SEO: A Good Title Tag

One of the basics in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the content of a website’s TITLE tag which end up being displayed in the top-most bar of a browser window when someone is looking at your [...]


Effective Anchor Text for SEO

Anchor text is the actual human readable text of any link on a web page. We’ve all seen the worst example of effective anchor text, the clickable Click Here. A link that simply reads “Click Here” [...]