Error Detection Plugin for WordPress Sites

You may have read my post a bit ago that explained that search engines will penalize a website’s ranking for having any number of 404 errors. Briefly, A 404 error is returned to a visitor’s browser when a web link they’ve clicked on doesn’t exist. (Full post here, opens in new window.)

A great tool for anyone having a WordPress site is a plug-in called “Broken Link Checker” by Janis Elsts. (ManageWP is rumored to be taking over further development of the plug-in, but as of this writing, when searching for it from within WordPress, Janice Elsts is still listed as the author.)

The plug-in will crawl your entire site — posts and pages — and let you know in the WordPress dashboard (or via email!) if your site contains 404 errors and list the pages on which the links reside so that you can either correct the links or remove them.

It’s a simple, free tool that can help you avoid 404 penalties from the search engines!

Written by search engine optimization expert Blake J. Discher.

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