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My live seminars deliver a lot of information in just two or three hours. Ater many, many requests, I have now created a DVD for use in your computer (not your television) that contains all of the information in the seminar presented in a self-paced, much more detailed fashion. It's browser based, features full-motion video screen captures of the software and other tools you need in order to help the ranking of your own website.

The DVD is priced at $150 plus $5 shipping.

What people are saying:

"Blake is one of the best speakers out there. He takes a potentially dry subject like SEO and turns it into an entertaining and informative program. I had just started my business when I took Blake's class. I didn't even know SEO existed. I left with a clear understanding of what I needed to do, and more importantly the information was broken down into manageable steps. Because of that class, my website has ranked #1 for my search terms through much of my career. The return has far exceeded the investment. I've taken Blake's class twice more since then, just for fun. Yes, it's that good." -- Jenna Close, San Diego

"I first took Blake's SEO class in 2008. I took vigorous notes and had my webmaster implement what I learned into my website re-design. After that not only did my website end up on page one, sometimes number one for most of my search terms, but I have been able to maintain that position for four years. This newfound visibility on the web propelled my business into the spotlight. It significantly changed my income level because it allowed me to create a recognizable brand and become an expert in my market. I also took Blake's SEO class in 2011 knowing that Google had changed a lot of its SEO algorithms. Again what I learned helped me achieve significant SEO results with search terms that I hadn't yet been able to do that with. I will continue to take this class as many times as I can because the knowledge I walk away with each time is invaluable." -- Vanie Poyey, Los Angeles

Good SEO can make you money, read on:

"Little did I know that while sitting in an October 2007 Web site optimization seminar, I was preparing myself for one of the most adventurous assignments of my career. ASMP’s New Mexico chapter had elected to bring Blake Discher to Santa Fe for a primer on optimizing photographer Web sites to appear on the first page of Google searches. While the technical details of this process weren’t exactly exciting, I went home that evening and applied Blake’s advice, optimizing my Web site for the search terms “Adventure Sports Photography.” A month later, I received an e-mail from the Patagonian Expedition Race based in Punta Arenas, Chile, asking if I would be interested in covering “the biggest challenge in the history of adventure racing.” -- Michael Clark, Santa Fe, NM

And yet one more note:

"Blake is a dynamic speaker with an extensive knowledge of SEO. He manages to make a seemingly dry and sometimes difficult to understand topic interesting, informative and fun. As a result of applying the knowledge I learned in his seminars, my SEO ranking jumped from nonexistent on Google to #4 for my specific keywords in one week, overtaking my competitors." -- Michelle Kawka, New York