Google Tool Tests Both Mobile-Friendliness And Page Speed, Shows What to Correct!

Earlier this month, Google announced a new tool that tests both your website’s mobile-friendliness and page speed.  The two factors heavily influence your website’s ranking.  In the past you would need to go to separate pages for each test.  The new tool also shows speed performance on a typical desktop. Let’s take a look at Los Angeles headshot photographer Vanie Poyey’s website:

All three scores are presented clearly

google mobile friendly test

In the past, the mobile-friendliness test simply let you know if your site was or was not mobile friendly, now it provides a 0 to 100 score.  Clicking the yellow downward arrow provides information for each of the scores and explains why a good score is important in each category.  Mobile Friendliness refers to how your site performs and appears on mobile devices.  Your buttons and links need to be large enough to be clicked on and your text needs to be readable at typical viewing distances.  Mobile Speed of course refers to how long your site takes to load.  Studies have shown that people browsing on a mobile device will leave a site if it takes longer than three (!) seconds to load.  And Desktop Speed refers to the amount of time a site takes to load on a desktop.  “Heavy”  graphics (large file sizes) negatively impact a site’s load speed.  Image files  need to be as small as possible and image formats need to be intelligently chosen.


Best of all, Google will email you a thorough report for you to share with your webmaster or SEO specialist detailing what specific steps can be taken to improve your site’s scores.  Here is a partial screen grab of the emailed report from Google for the site above:

seo experts

Run Your Report, We’re Here to help if you need us!

So head on over to Google’s test site and have them email you the report.  If it looks like too much geek-speak, send the report to us and we’ll ket you know what’s involved in us taking care of your site’s issues.  The site is at:

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