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So you're a DIY and want to increase your ranking but you feel stuck?

Get the help you need to increase web traffic and revenue with my 60-day, 90 minute consulting program.

i get it, you’re a diy but

You Can't Seem to Crack the Code on SEO?

You’d like to outrank your competition

You’d like to increase traffic to your website

You’d like to fix a specific SEO issue

You’d like to increase leads

You’d like to increase revenue

At the end of the day, the only metrics that matter are the ones that increase your revenue. I’ll help by implementing proper SEO strategy, so that your website can rank higher and become your most effective salesperson.


“The real magic of Blake’s SEO skill was making my website appear on the first page for a number keywords in a very competitive New York City market. I highly recommend GO-SEO because I tripled my investment in my first year.”

— Robert Essell, New York, NY

Effective SEO goes way beyond optimizing titles, meta descriptions, headings, and internal links. It’s only works well when implemented with proper strategy.

SEO algorithms seem to change weekly and even you, the most resourceful DIY-er,  feel like you can benefit from a little expert guidance.

I’ll be your SEO Sherpa, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of search engine algorithms and best practices.

you need to rank well

Some of the Ways I'll Make That Happen

With my paid tools, I’ll check to be sure that the keyword phrases you’re optimizing for actually have search volume.

I’ll give you suggestions and guideance to optimize your website’s technical structure and make sure it’s compliant with Google’s desktop and mobile core web vitals.

I’ll share tips on how to implement effective, SEO optimized, copy to help your ranking.

I’ll make sure your page structure and flow are setup properly.

I’ll make sure that your website utilizes E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority and trust) best practices for search engines.

Finally, I show you what not to do so your site isn’t being penalized.


“I have known Blake for a number of years and sought his expertise on optimizing SEO for my company website. After our first brief meeting with my web developer, we made a series of changes to my web site that quickly put us number one in Google searches for my desired search criteria. I strongly recommend Blake as an

SEO consultant

and partner for optimizing your company’s SEO.”

— James Cavanaugh, Rochester, NY

I’m your partner in SEO success

Here's How it Works




You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire which will help me audit your website and review the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.


Action Steps

Then we’ll set up our first call and review my customized strategy for your next steps. 


Ranking Reports

As you implement your action steps, you’ll receive bi-weekly ranking reports for 60 days so that you can track your progress.


Progress Checks

In subsequent meetings, I’ll continue to adjust and fine tune action steps to help you reach your ranking goal.

Hi, I'm Blake Discher

I’m passionate about SEO!  I’ve spoken to more than 200 audiences internationally on the topic of SEO and oh my, how things have changed over that time. Because each session contains only the latest SEO information, those that attended and applied my advice to their websites improved their rankings, in many cases to page one. Of course there are no guarantees of that level of success, but the SEO principles presented in my program and that I apply for my clients are sound, and will likely yield big results.

Have questions?

I've Got Answers

Can the 90-minutes session be split up?

Yes, absolutely. The 90-minute session may be divided into 15-minute-minimum slices but must be used entirely within 60 days. Most clients end up using a large slice at the start and then save a couple smaller slices for later in the 60-day period.

If I decide to retain GO-SEO may I apply the session cost to your services?

Yes you may. If you decide to hire me for SEO or retain me to maintain your SEO success so that your rankings don’t drop, you may apply the session cost towards my services.

Will you share some of the resources GO-SEO utilizes for your SEO clients?


Yes. I’ll share a list of both free and paid resources and tools that we here at GO-SEO make use of. Many past consultation clients signed up for some of the paid tools to help them in their SEO progress.

I'd like to sign up for a consultation, what's the process?

It’s simple to sign up using the Calendly scheduling platform. This is the direct link to utilize when signing up. Although it says 90-minutes, as detailed above, you may split the session into 15-minimum blocks as you wish.

You’re ready to get your site ranking

Let's Crank up the Volume on Your SEO!


90 minutes over 60 days

(May be divided into 15-minute-minimum chunks but must be used within 60 days)