Is your site following Google’s SEO guidelines? Cool tool let’s you know!

No, not those kinds of tools, but I had a feeling this image would get your attention!  Read on…

By now you probably know I’m addicted to SEO tools that diagnose SEO-type problems on a web page.  The best ones are those that not only test for issues, but also detail the steps you should take to correct the problems.

My latest discovery is the Varvy SEO Tool.  From their  website: “See how well a page follows the Google guidelines.”  That’s it, pretty straightforward, that’s what it does, plain and simple.  But there’s more: a speed test and a mobile test that are just as simple to use and provide just as instructive corrections.

All of this is free, yep free.  Not freemium.  Free.  Awesome!  Check out Varvy, you’ll be glad you did!

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