• We get it, you're in a hurry, no time to dig in. Watch›› this 58-second video for an quick overview of what go-seo is all about.

  • If potential customers can’t find you online, you’re missing out on a good portion of your market. Our SEO company can help.

    Search engines change their search algorithms monthly. Sound optimization techniques could help your site rise in the rankings, resulting in more inquiries, more opportunites to show your product, and an increase in your bottom line.

    Search Engine optimization flowchart
  • Intelligent website design can help keep a visitor on your site, it's as simple as that.

    Good design means potential clients find what they need quickly and without effort. Just as important is the site's appearance on tablets and mobile devices. Responsive website design provides a satisfactory visitor experience for everyone regardless of their browser.

    Search Engine optimization flowchart
  • Whether a group of 40 in Topeka or 2,000 in Brazil, I have presented my SEO seminars to hundreds of audiences.

    Search Engine Optimization instruction
  • If you'd rather keep your SEO in-house, we can train your staff.

    We'll spend time with your staff explaining current, search engine approved (white hat) SEO methodology. They'll learn what metrics are necessary for appreciable gains in your company's search rankings.

    Corporate SEO Training
  • SEO Consultants

    Planning. Our first step in an optimization project is to conduct an extensive audit of our client's website. Our

    SEO consulting company

    will uncover any existing obstacles that may hinder the site's visibility in organic search results. Next, we determine which of your keyword phrases will best convert into inquiries.

  • SEO Companies

    Content Optimization. Based on our audit, we begin our tailored solution for your site. Our optimization process is performed in strict compliance with search engine guidelines so as not to risk severe penalties that negatively effect your site's rankings.

  • SEO Consultant

    Link Optimization. Google's Panda update made link building a delicate task for

    SEO companies

    . Do it wrong, and your site could suffer. We continually change our link building strategies to keep consistent with what's acceptable: relevant, meaningful, and content-rich incoming links.

  • SEO Company

    Ongoing Maintenance. We're a member of your team. Search engines change their ranking algorithms over 100 times per year. Once we've completed the optimization of your site, we can continue to monitor your ranking over time and make adjustments as needed.

Our philosophy, plain and simple: We're "white hatters"

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the family of techniques designed to improve the ranking of a website with search engines. SEO work is often grouped with search engine marketing. The search engine optimization industry can be broken down into two camps or methods: "white hat SEO" (techniques approved by search engines such as growing content and improving site quality) and "black hat SEO" (tricks such as directory spamming and cloaking). White hatters (like ourselves) believe in using only publicly approved techniques to ensure that their clients are never blacklisted by search engines; while black hatters believe that SEO is an attempt to manipulate rankings, and that the particular techniques one uses to rank well are irrelevant. We never use clandestine, “black-hat” techniques that may yield quick results but in the end may negatively impact your rankings.

  • Our mission is to help you reach your target markets by optimizing your internet presence.
  • Think of your website as your best salesperson. We'll get “her” out there to sell your product.
  • By utilizing search-engine sanctioned methodology, our optimization tends to remain consistent and effective over time.
  • We believe SEO should be used to drive traffic to your home page, where a call-to-action provides you with qualified leads.

What our clients say

  • "I asked Blake to help optimize the website for TCP Insurance for about 15 keyword phrases. We are an insurance company serving photographers and videographers with many types of policies; everything from equipment to large-scale video productions. All but one of our phrases weren't showing up in the search engines when Blake began work. After just two short months, 12 of them appeared on the first page! As a result, our web inquiries from our "call to action" on the home page have increased dramatically. I couldn't be more pleased."
    Don Pickard CEO, TCP Insurance
  • "I retained Blake to help me with my web marketing, specifically SEO for my studio, Hopskoch Photography. I especially appreciated his explaining in layperson’s terms what his plan would be and that he set realistic goals for my site. It’s now several months after we finished and of the 11 search phrases I wanted to optimize my site for, nine are on page one of Google, and of those, six are number one. I’m so pleased and am happy to recommend his services."
    Julie Goldstone Burlington, VT
  • "Having a good website ranking can be very important, especially in this economy. I retained Blake to help me with the ranking of my website. The knowledge necessary to accomplish this is beyond the scope of most working photographers and most other people who don't do it full time. Blake has an unbelievable grasp on what is going on in the SEO world and how to make that work for you. My website went from being practically invisible to number two in the first week. No joke. I highly recommend him."
    Dan PoyourowWashington, DC
  • "I have known Blake for a number of years and sought his expertise on optimizing SEO for my company website. After our first brief meeting with my web developer, we made a series of changes to my web site that quickly put us number one in Google searches for my desired search criteria. I strongly recommend Blake as a partner for optimizing your company's SEO."
    Jim CavanaughJim Cavanaugh Photography
  • "Blake's knowledge and understanding of SEO is nothing short of amazing. His keen understanding of the underlying fundamentals of optimizing a website for searchability has been a great guide to my success with my Google placement. Thanks Blake, I hope others take advantage of your services. Paul O'Mara, Rome, Georgia"
    Paul O'MaraPaul O'Mara Photography

SEO resources from our blog.

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A few of our SEO clients.

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