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You pour your heart into your business and…

Your website is buried on the 10th page of Google

You're feeling frustrated because your website isn't getting traffic.

You're struggling to find new clients and book new work.

You're watching your competition dominate online searches.

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the struggle is real

The confusing world of SEO can leave even the most talented service provider lost.

clickworthy seo increases leads and inquiries

We take the guesswork out of SEO with a proven strategy that gets results.

I get it, the survival of your business depends on a steady stream of leads.

As a service based business myself, when Google came onto the scene I recognized that it was forever going to change how people found my business.

I knew I had to adapt and go from in-person networking to being found online.

So I learned the ropes, climbed the Google ranks, and haven’t looked back since.

With 17 years of experience my Clickworthy SEO techniques will help your business be found online.

It’ll help you get more leads than you ever thought possible without having to spend a penny on advertising.

You’ll kill the competition.

Website Design Client in Her Studio

I retained Blake to help me with the ranking of my site. The knowledge necessary to accomplish this is beyond the scope of most people who don’t do it full time. Blake has an unbelievable grasp on what is going on in the SEO world and how to make that work for you. My website went from being practically invisible to number two in the first week. No joke. I highly recommend him.

Dan Poyourow

I have known Blake for a number of years and sought his expertise on optimizing SEO for my company website. After our first brief meeting with my web developer, we made a series of changes to my web site that quickly put us number one in Google searches for my desired search criteria. I strongly recommend Blake as a partner for optimizing your company’s SEO.”

Jim Cavanaugh

This newfound visibility propelled my business into the spotlight. It significantly changed my income level because it allowed me to create a recognizable brand and become an expert in my market.

Vanie Poyey

SEO Client in Coffee Shop

Now just imagine this:


A website overflowing with qualified leads.


Your calendar booked solid with dream clients.


Financial freedom and peace of mind.


Having the time to do the things that are important to you!


Now just imagine this:


A website overflowing with qualified leads.


Your calendar booked solid with dream clients.


Financial freedom and peace of mind.


Having the time to do the things that are important to you!

SEO Client in Coffee Shop

When you work with me

This is how it works

We provide in-depth niche keyword research

This identifies the best keywords to attract your ideal audience. Unlike other agencies we won’t optimize for keywords nobody searches for.

We analyze your website for technical issues

We perform a deep dive and identify ways to boost your online presence.

We optimize your website content

We refine your website with relevant keywords and engaging copywriting to improve ranking and user experience.

We deliver insightful ranking reports

You’ll gain valuable insights with our detailed ranking reports, monitoring your website’s climb to the top.

You witness your website soar to the top

You’ll see the satisfaction of potential customers finding you effortlessly on Google and other search platforms.


We hired Blake to port our site from Squarespace to the WordPress platform since WordPress is better suited to SEO. Of course, this meant he had to rebuild our site from scratch. His accuracy and speed was amazing and we’re now using GO-SEO for our search engine optimization as well.

Caroline Van Wassenhove

“Blake’s knowledge and understanding of SEO is nothing short of amazing.”

Paul O'Mara

The real magic of Blake’s SEO skill was making my website appear on the first page for a number keywords in a very competitive New York City market. I highly recommend GO-SEO because I tripled my investment in my first year.

Robert Essell


I'm Blake Discher

Remember building robots and geeking out over the early internet? That’s me! I leveraged SEO to rank my photography website #1 on Google (and yes, Alta Vista too back in those days!), sparking a passion that turned into a successful SEO agency.

For over 10 years, I’ve helped service businesses like yours dominate search rankings. I translate complex SEO into clear strategies that get results. Past clients have seen significant improvements, often landing on page one.

Let’s chat and see how I can help your business climb the search engine ladder and attract more clients!

Blake Discher

don’t settle for being invisible

Your business will likely remain stagnant,
unable to reach its full potential.

ACHIEVE financial security

As a business owner you know it's all about ROI and quality leads... we're here to help with both!


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