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Simply put, Search Engine Optimization, commonly shortened to SEO, is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.  We work to increase your site’s presence in the major search engines using only approved methodology while keeping your site’s visual appeal intact.



Your website is your company’s first impression to every visitor.  It needs to be attractive, inviting, and provide the content your potential clients are looking for.  We know the latest design trends are and best of all, we know how to design a site that is SEO-friendly right from the start!

Now that we’ve optimized your site you’ll want to keep it’s ranking in place.  Because the search engines are continually changing their algorithms, your site’s ranking could slip.  We keep up with the changes, and adjust your site as needed to its rank.  It’s an ongoing process, why not put our expertise to work for you?


WE KNOW YOU’RE IN A HURRY, SO we’ll be quick about it.


An idea that became a reality

Fourteen years ago our goal was to create an SEO company that would offer its services at prices small business owners could afford. We hold true to that principle today.  We also pride ourselves in our service: we’re small enough that when you have questions, it will likely be our founder that provides answers. Our size is an advantage; it means you’ll get the individualized attention that results in exactly the website and SEO you’re after.

  • "Blake's knowledge and understanding of SEO is nothing short of amazing."

    Paul O'Mara Paul O'Mara Photography
  • "The real magic of Blake’s SEO skill was making my website appear on the first page for a number key words in a very competitive New York City market. I highly recommend Blake because I tripled my investment in my first year.”

    Robert Essell Robert Essell Photography
  • "As a result of applying the knowledge I learned in [Blake's] seminars, my SEO ranking jumped from nonexistent on Google to #4 for my specific keywords in one week, overtaking my competitors!"

    Michele Kawka Photographer and Director
  • "A month [after optimizing], I received an e-mail from the Patagonian Expedition Race, asking if I would be interested in covering “the biggest challenge in the history of adventure racing!”

    Michael Clark Michael Clark Photography
  • "This newfound visibility propelled my business into the spotlight. It significantly changed my income level because it allowed me to create a recognizable brand and become an expert in my market. "

    Vanie Poyey Vanie Poyey Photography
  • "One of my main concerns was that my visitors were able to see a lot of my work quickly and with minimal clicking.  The layout Blake customized works very well and the feedback has been great!"

    Tommy Mendes Photographer

Who is Go-seo?

everything you want to know about us

I remember asking Santa for an Atari 2600 or something like that. Back then, I was building motorized robots with my Erector Set and cool contraptions out of Legos. Fast forward 20 years and I’m working on becoming a photographer. Another few years and Al Gore invents the internet! [wink! wink!] Then comes Google and the rest of the search engines. I learn HTML, discover SEO, and get my very rudimentary website to number one for “Detroit Photographer” on Google and Alta Vista. Remember Alta Vista?!! My geekiness is confirmed. Solidly. But I’ve been told I wear my techno-geekness well… I’m not sure what that means exactly, but maybe it’s because I can translate geek-speak to English with ease!

A few friends asked me to optimize their sites, and here I am, ten years later, an SEO consultant to others and loving it!

When I’m not sitting in front of a screen, I’m a photographer, educator and speaker, and an author. When I’m doing none of that, you’ll find me being taught the intricacies of Clash of Clans by my 12-year old son Blake!

Anyway, I’d love to chat a bit about how I can help you with your search engine optimization goals. Give a call anytime!

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